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The Medieval
castle village
with scent of Mastiha
Mesta is the best preserved "Mastic village" of Chios, a medieval village, perhaps one of the most beautiful castle villages of the island! The elaborate architecture of Mesta stems from the Byzantine period and the village itself is built like a castle. It’s small houses, made by stone, are built side by side, forming a strong protective wall on the outer perimeter of the settlement.

The walk in the small alleys of the village, under the arches that form the balconies, ends at Mesta Square, a meeting place for many many years of locals, with the holy Temple of Taxiarches dominating the northern part of the square.
Coming to our village, do not forget to try the local wine, especially souma. Souma is another local alcoholic drink. It is produced by the distillation of figs and grapes and it is a drink for the strong drinkers, remaining pure with a special taste.
If you visit us on a Clean Monday, you will get to know the custom of "Aga," a special court from which no one gets away without paying a fine. Usually a variety of events and traditional music are getting place that day, of course in the center of Mesta square.
Mesta can offer to the visitor unique experiences all year round! Choose the right season for you to visit Mesta village and discover activities that you should not miss.