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To Mikro

35,9 klm.

from the town of Chios you will discover the kafepotopolion "To Mikro"

Chian souma

Traditional and unforgettable, Souma will introduce you directly to Chios hospitality.

Coffee experience

Enjoy our chosen coffee Lombardini at the heart of Mesta square

Ice cream

Subtle tasting combinations and velvety texture that will fascinate you!


To Mikro

Mikro cafe in the heart of Mesta square, right next to the historic temple of the Taxiarches, was created to bring back familiar memories, flavors and aromas from Mesta village as we know and love it.

Starting from your early morning coffee, the Chios dessert,being followed by the traditional Souma and Chian beer, Mikro travels you with flavors of Chios.

The atmosphere of Mesta square, the warm hospitality, and our thoughtful suggestions are the right ingredients to get to know Mesta as good as a native.

To mikro, in the center of the village, with simple traditional decoration, true flavors and suggestions by Mesta for its guests is the place to warm up your meetings in the winter and cool your mornings or evenings in the summer. Mikro has already succeeded in winning his audience keep increasing its regulars!